Master the Art of Professional Magic

Learn How to Turn the Art of Magic into a Profitable Full-Time Career in a Few Days Even if You Start From Scratch!

Succeed with magic routines improved for over 15 years and that have helped me earn a living with what I really love! My 14 best tricks + 3 bonuses to blow everyone's mind and master the art of pickpoket, connect people without touching them, and much more!

Success Stories

I love Mag Lini's courses because he makes it so easy & fun to learn. Knowing magic is a great skill to entertain, connect with others, and make them laugh.
Anna Clols
Actress, Los Angeles, USA
Mag Lini's skills & talent are truly out of this world. I've never seen magic that's so fun & easy to learn. Become the star of the night with your friends & family!
Jonathan Darnell
Economist, USA
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Professional Magic Course

The professional magic course includes 14 tricks + 3 bonuses put into practice in front of people and clear video instructions for quick learning.
Includes 3 Magic Tricks to Start Practicing

Benefits of the Course

Make a Living

Professional tricks to make a living with magic.

Succeed with Magic

Get the success you deserve by grabbing everyone's attention.

Impress Anyone

Girls, guys, friends, family or strangers.

Kick-Start from Zero

Perfect for beginners without previous experience.

Improve your Tricks

Suitable for magicians who want to improve and perfect their tricks.

Learn Fast

Quick and easy to learn tricks in a few minutes.

Inside the Magic Course



A very striking routine with a borrowed BIC pen and its cap.

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Playing with Two Lighters

Magnificent routine with two lighters where the logo disappears and appears.

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BONUS: Advanced Routine of the Prediction on the Spectator's Mobile

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BONUS: Appear & Vanish Lit Cigarette & Lighter Routine

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BONUS: Family Routine with Newspapers

When I was 9 years old my grandpa always performed this magnificent trick and amazed everyone.

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Learn Magic from a Pro Magician

Magic has helped me to live my dream, not only to earn a living with what I really love, but it has also opened up opportunities for me that I never would have imagined: traveling the world, meeting celebrities, appearing on television and what is more important, being able to offer a moment of illusion to all those who have surrounded me.

Like in all arts, magic is an amazing skill that allows you to approach others socially in a different way. For more than 15 years I have worked hard to develop a wide range of magic tricks that has reeled in great interest from people all around the world and I would like to share some of those with you. If your dream resembles mine, you too can succeed. Enter the world of magic with me!

Mag Lini

Albert Linares

- Professional Magician

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You don't need any experience to get started! These tricks are easy to follow and understand, even if this is the first time you're approaching magic. No gimmicks or special equipment is needed either. You will be able to perform the magic anywhere, at any time!